Your company’s website is the hub of your online presence. Duct Tape SEO has a unique approach to online marketing. By understand your marketing strategy and anlayzing the search behavior of your prospetive customers, we can engineer a website that provides the search engines what they need to rank your website, while ensuring your prospective customers get what they want to see to convert a sale.

Yet, creating a search engine friendly design is only half the battle. To achieve sustainable online visibility, your website needs an ongoing content strategy that includes fresh content on your own site as well as content distrubution on third party websites and social media networks.

Duct Tape SEO offers a full service, comprehesive website visibility solution. Your consultant will assess your current website and determine how to enhance your current site or create a new one. Duct Tape SEO will develop a website marketing plan that includes all the things your website needs to achieves its visibility potential: content marketing, analytics, organic search engine optimization, reputaion management, social media and online adversiting.